Little philosophy of embroidery

Take some time out to embroider the portrait of a loved one?
In the context of instantaneity and hyper-connection, I invite you to slow down.
To consider embroidery as an active resistance against a society that has accustomed us to instant gratification.

…but also like a journey, a poetic and magical experience, out of time.

Poetic because for long hours you can be like Penelope waiting for Ulysses, and imagine the strands of cotton as indestructible links with the embroidered person.
And magical because the little crosses that seemed at first randomly arranged will finally reveal the face of a love that you will recognize among a thousand.

So shall we get started? Laure

Born in Strasbourg, I am the eldest of the Ancel family, which finds its roots in Alsace. Creative from an early age, I learned about creative software on the family Macintosh. Teen I’m a fan of Susan Care, the artist who humanized the first computers. Marilyn Monroe, then Kurt Cobain, fascinate me…

My gift for the visual arts led me to the benches of Olivier de Serres, where I trained in Textile Design, then in DSAA at Duperré. I develop a geek universe that naturally slips from pixel art to cross stitch. My first designs – monstrous flowers – were made for the diaries published by Régine Deforges.
I developed my first embroidered portraits when I left school in the early 2000s.

After a first career in mobile phone accessories industry, I return to my passion for cross stitch in 2018 and create the HOlisKIT brand. I revisit the family portrait in 7 colors and by associating flowers, my second favorite theme. Attracted by kitsch, I don’t hesitate to bring together the face of Jesus, my childhood idols, my son, or even my mother-in-law…

Since 2019, I have been involved in design with a social and environmental dimension through the Resicity and Design Actions Publiques associations that I co-founded. Whether with my HOlisKIT creations or my other projects, I aspire to be in a process of creating links, for a more humanistic society.