Discover HOlisKIT creations!

Illustrious strangers, but loved ones. These embroideries are dedicated to them.
Would you like to embroider the portrait of a loved one? Entrust me with the realization of your kit.

Put the Mona Lisa in your living room!

From Jesus to Marylin, these characters fascinate us and mark the collective imagination. Here they are immortalized in pop embroidery to give an extra soul to our interiors.

Bi-color portrait of a sheep from the Clinamen association (Parc de la Courneuve), embroidered with wool from the sheep themselves.

close-up on a blank aïda fabric and grey wool

When a human meets an animal…it gives an experimental and mysterious self-portrait.
Laure + Louve = Loure.

close-up on a embroidered cross-stitch portrait in progress